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It was Sue’s birthday last week so we decided to take an impromptu break in York – we hadn’t been there for years. We found a pleasant chain hotel almost next to the Minster and whilst she was shopping, I went into the Minster for a couple of hours. I didn’t take as many images as I thought I would have, there is so much to see there that I was constantly being distracted by interesting bits and pieces. I liked the one of the old lady sitting in peace – she’d managed to find a quiet corner away from too many tourists. Afterwards, I went across to the Treasurer’s House and had a good look round.

Our second day consisted of a short River boat trip and a walk around the shops, lunch and then a walk around the walls. Whilst up on the walls, we saw a wedding taking place at the Grays Court Hotel. I didn’t have the ideal lens but thought a quick record shot appropriate. We had looked around for somewhere for dinner whilst out and about and most unlike her, Sue opted for a little bistro called Côte which was superb.

The next morning was damp, drizzly and decidedly going home weather – still, a nice couple of days away.

The Bride & Groom
Bedroom The Treasurer's House york
The Treasurers House York 1
York Minster 1
York Minster ceiling

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