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Auckland, January 2016

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

A couple of days in Auckland after a long flight via Hong Kong were much needed. Sue wasn’t very well during the flight so we took it easy. Visiting the area for the first time, the hop on, hop off bus seemed a good way of seeing a few things in a relatively short period of time – it was. We went to the Auckland Skytower, Nancy Steen rose garden, Auckland museum and the museum botanical gardens and also had a good walk from our hotel down to the harbourside where our ship was berthed. 75 years of Air New Zealand was being celebrated at the museum and there was an excellent display including the inside of one of the first passenger planes and the flight deck of a current Boing 787. We were also treated to a display by a local troupe and a slide show, depicting the Maori heritage and history of the Maori people.

The centre of Auckland was pretty much like most city centres but I was shocked at how many drunks there were just lying on the street sides with begging bowls out – I didn’t expect that. Out in the suburbs, the city was really very nice. I think further exploration would have been beneficial.


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