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Happy New Year (belatedly) to everyone.

I was very fortunate this Christmas as far as photography related prezzies go. I had done some work on focus stacked shots last year and also totally unrelated to that, had been trying tethered shooting with the Canon Utilities software that came with the camera. So, when I was discussing this with the Hull Flickr group recently, I started to look into what was available to me so that I could combine both and do it wirelessly as well. Enter the Camranger. There are all sorts of options available for both iPad and Android based product but the Camranger looked the best alternative to me. I also looked at the DSLR Controller and Xtremetether. I’m looking forward to giving it a test shortly. The images attached show two alternative methods of attaching the Camranger to your camera, one using velcro attached to a levelling device and the other using the handy pouch and retaining clip. An example of just what can be achieved by focus stacking is also attached. “Togetherness” was made using a Canon 5D Mkii and 100mm IS USM macro lens. I took 9 images, focusing on different points across the image and stacked them together in Helicon Focus.

Also recommended – Steve McCurry Untold: The Stories Behind The Photographs. A lovely big book with good narrative, worth it for just the images for me but I like to know how the images came about, so perfect. For anyone who likes his work, he’s at The Photography Show at the NEC which runs from 1 – 4 March – I’ll see you there.



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