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Change is gonna come….

Well that’s it then. I never thought I’d change – but the sheer weight of gear has directed me to look at a new camera system. My decision wasn’t easy, I like my Canon stuff and I’ve built up a decent selection of gear over the years, but, as alluded to in a previous post, my tree hugging days have seen , well, better days to be honest.

There are forums, magazines, videos and leaflets, big shops and little shops, all giving you advice, letting you try B4 you buy and offering exchanges and Black Friday deals and the like. I chose the Fuji XT-2 – the saving in weight on the Fuji, over the Canon 5D Mkiii, is great. Plus, the new sensor and range of Fuji lenses available is exciting. Neil, a friend of mine from f4 Photographic Group is going down a similar path – he had the XT-1 which he really enthused over and so the XT-2 seemed a natural choice for him. Also, there are other members of f4 who made the Fuji choice a while ago and have been more than happy with it.

Time will tell – I’ll post some samples up next week after I get stuck into the manual.



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