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Close ups

I can’t wait for the new Fuji macro lens to come out. I have a 16mm extension but it’s not as good as a real macro lens I don’t think. Anyway, I asked my buddy Tony Beasty if I could do a few close ups of some of his excellent guitars and we had a good session together yesterday. I particularly liked the first two he brought out, and spent most of the time on those. The headstocks on both of them were attractive in their own ways, the Rickenbacker because of the machine head configuration and the Fender because of the tell-tale decal which helps to pinpoint its age. Also, note the darker wood indicating sustained amount of use on particular chord shapes. The wear on the Tele scratchplate also indicates the amount of use it’s had.

Anyway – I’ll look forward to the next time – thanks Tony, here are a few pics :-

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