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Freedom Festival Hull 2015

I only had the opportunity to go on the Sunday out of the three great days of this festival. Still, I got the best day weatherwise and it was just brilliant to see so many good bands.

Young Jack were headlining the Bridge stage but I got there in time to see Gracie Falls, Fronteers and Skinny Living as well.

To the keyboard player in Young Jack – I’ll get you next time!

Hope you like the images :-

Fronteers 1
Fronteers 2
Fronteers 3
Fronteers 4
Fronteers 5
Gracie Falls 1
Gracie Falls 2
Gracie Falls 3
Skinny Living 1
Skinny Living 2
Skinny Living 3
Skinny Living 4
Skinny Living 5
Young Jack 1
Young Jack 2
Young Jack 3
Young Jack 4
Young Jack 5
Young Jack 6
Young Jack 7
Young Jack 9
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