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Holiday time continued ….

Moving on from Athens, the next batch I took were from Mykonos and Santorini. We’d been to Santorini before and stayed in Oia but this time, we docked outside of Fira and were tendered in, then took the cable car to the mountain top and had a few hours walk around. We hadn’t been to Mykonos before but it was just stunning, worth a trip back I’d say. In fact, we were considering a home purchase whilst there but as you can see, there was a bit too much work to be done….

More windmills on Mykonos
Another Mykonos Church
Two chairs in Mykonos
Sunset at Mykonos
The second home

#Church #Mykonos #Santorini #Oia #Windmill #AzamaraQuest #Fira #Cruise

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