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Holiday time – part 3

So as you can see, we’ve been on the move again. This time we were in Katakolon (or Cat’s colon as our on board comedienne Siobhan Phillips inadvertently called it), for those folk who wanted to see Olympia and the original marathon site. We preferred to wander under our own steam up a really steep hill to the lighthouse from which it is said there are “stunning views”. Shame you can’t get in and its shut so we had a really long walk back down again. Never mind, Susie went paddling so was happy. Katakolon isn’t very big. Mike from Chicago tried to lure us into his restaurant for some fish which looked fresh as a daisy but we just had a coffee – the food on board Azamara is superb.

Off to Crete after this and Chania harbour was very pretty. We had a good walk around – Susie got her nails done, I just took pictures. Some street art but not a patch on Neil Posto Deanes. The entertainment that Azamara put on for us on Chania quayside was excellent. A replica of dancing at a Greek wedding. I didn’t use a flash so the images are pretty noisy at ISO12800 but still worth taking.

Bouzouki player in Crete

Cretan band playing for our party

Drumming Cretan style

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