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Hull City Ladies Reserves vs Halifax Women

Last Sunday I had a trip to Halifax with the Hull City Ladies Reserves team to play Halifax Women. The weather wasn't forecast to be very good and true to form it was raining when we got there and only stopped for a few short minutes. The sky was overcast, it went extremely dark during the match and eventually someone put the floodlights on but there wasn't much time left in the match by then.

The ladies scored first but were overpowered by a physical Halifax team and eventually lost 5 - 2. We had the best goal of the game though with a brilliant free kick curling over the wall and into the back of the net.

For the technically minded I was using a Fujifilm XF 50 - 140mm zoom lens, wide open at f2.8 with an ISO varying between 3200 and 12800. It was really dark! This was a match which kicked off at 2pm so we were just getting the last dregs of available light anyway.

Unlucky girls, better luck next time - I'll see you there.

Here's a few images from the match.



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