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Humber Street Sesh 2015

Well another stonking show organised by Mark Page and his team for the Humber Street Sesh last Saturday. No shortage of live entertainment in different venues. The best standard of bands and also a big shout for the sound crews who were well in control. I walked about 8.5 miles overall and covered a number of bands and a couple of solo artistes. I’d like to say that a particular band stood out – but they were all superb. Best show put on I think went to Young Jack. I hope you like the images on here, both of acts and the “other stuff” without which the event couldn’t take place.

Young Jack 5
Young Jack 4
Young Jack 3
Young Jack 2
Young Jack 1
We are Hull
The Mighty and the moon 4
The Mighty and the moon 3
The Mighty and the moon 2
The Mighty and the moon 1
The Dyr sister
The Bluebeany Lounge
Terry Bell
Signs at The Sesh
Shed No9
Pearls Cab Ride 8
Pearls Cab Ride 7
Pearls Cab Ride 6
Pearls Cab Ride 5
Pearls Cab Ride 4
Pearls Cab Ride 3
Pearls Cab Ride 2
Pearls Cab Ride 1
Office Party
Multinational cuisine
Minerva Pimms bar
Minerva early doors
Mark Page 1
Kristian Eastwood
Kristian Eastwood band
Kristian Eastwood band Tammy
Kristian Eastwood band 8
Kristian Eastwood band 7
Kristian Eastwood band 6
Kristian Eastwood band 5
Kristian Eastwood band 4
Kristian Eastwood Band 3
Kristian Eastwood band 2
Kristian Eastwood 3
Kristian Eastwood 2
Indigo Bones
Indigo Bones 7
Indigo Bones 6
Indigo Bones 5
Indigo Bones 4
Indigo Bones 3
Indigo Bones 2
Freedom Festival
FRCA Collective
Frankie Flowers 3
Frankie Flowers 2
Frankie Flowers 1
First Aid team
Event Staff Main stage
Dead Bod
Copenhagen 7
Copenhagen 6
Copenhagen 5
Copenhagen 4
Copenhagen 3
Copenhagen 2
Copenhagen 1
Affairs 7
Affairs 6
Affairs 4
Affairs 3
Affairs 2
Affairs 1

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