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International Bird of Prey Centre, Duncombe Park.

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

I had a great day out with some of my chums from f4 Photographic Group on Saturday at the International Bird of Prey Centre, Duncombe Park, Helmsley. The weather stayed largely fine, except for a short sharp shower, captured in one fine photo I’ve seen from Paul Lazenby.

There were a variety of birds flying, some large but mainly small fast things which are a tester. I hadn’t been to the IBPC before but had been round Duncombe Park itself, so was surprised to see such a huge variety of birds.

I can’t wait for another trip – hope you like the images.

Owl in training 1440px
Owl in training 4
Owl in training 3
Owl in training 2
Lanner Falcon 1440px
Kite 2 1440px
Burrowing owl 2 1440px
Burrowing Owl
Dunno 1440px
Eagle 2 1440px
Eurasian buzzard 1440px

#Kite #BurrowingOwl #InternationalBirdofPreyCentre #LannerFalcon #DuncombePark #f4Photographicgroup #Helmsley #BaldEagle #EurasianBuzzard


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