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Natasha J Bella

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

“How do you fancy a good day out doing some studio photography”, said Paul. “Sounds good to me I said”.

Well it was. I went to Natasha J Bella‘s studio with my f4 Photographic Group chum, Paul Lazenby and we had an extremely entertaining and rewarding day out, photographing a very attractive and professional Natasha in her own studio. Lots of clothes changes, great make up and a choice of shooting backgrounds.

I suffered a little with my RAW files in what has been a well documented phenomenon the internet. The images on the computer screen when I downloaded the RAW files, were significantly darker than those on the screen whilst I was shooting, so I had a fair amount of work to do to pull them back in shape. I’m happy with the results but better RAW files would have made them even more rewarding. Need to go again I think.

EDIT: Whilst updating this post, I took the opportunity to include a photo of Natasha, together with a good friend and fellow member of f4 Photographic Group, Paul Lazenby who sadly passed away in 2021. We miss him.


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