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North Yorkshire calls

I have a friend up in the North East, called Pete Stockton, from a Photography forum called Canon Fodder Forums. We’ve met on a number of group shoots with CFF but as I had just got a new DSLR, the same as his, we decided to swap info and go on a couple of days shoot. When you’re planning a while in advance, you get what the weather gives you and typically, we had good and bad. Got soaked to the skin last Sunday at Thomason Foss but fared a lot better the following day at Saltwick Bay and Falling Foss. Here’s some images from the day :-

Admiral von Tromp at Saltwick Bay-1
Falling Foss
Staithes tonemapped-2-Edit-2

#FallingFoss #PeterStockton #Staithes #SaltwickBay #NorthYorkshire #AdmiralvonTromp


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