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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

“We’ve never been to Rhodes” was the wistful murmur. I knew what was coming so got the credit card out. “I’ve seen this hotel” – I turned the computer on. “I need some sun before winter” – we made the booking.

I was looking forward to this as well. We stayed in a hotel just outside Lindos, it was built into the side of a mountain and the people at the hotel were just lovely – nothing too much trouble. The room was spacious with good sea view as well. We hadn’t planned to do much, other than get the bus into Lindos for a stroll around and to go on an excursion to Rhodes at night. I was particularly looking forward to that, the camera was at the ready and so were the sea legs (we were due to have an evening cruise around Rhodes harbour). It chucked it down with rain whilst we were on our excursion but not before we’d been bored to death by a tour guide who wanted to impress us with his in depth knowledge. Granted he was a knowledgeable man but 20 minutes standing under a tree talking about how to defend Rhodes from incoming attacks isn’t really seeing the sights of Rhodes. Also, the evening cruise turned out to be 30 minutes in complete darkness on a local ferry with no apparent points of interest to point the camera at. The worst value excursion I’ve ever had.

Here’s a few images from Rhodes :-

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