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St John, Bay of Fundy

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Another day, another stop. This time we woke in time for a glorious sunrise just before docking. I had booked a days photography with a local photographer around Bay of Fundy. We were scheduled to see Reversing Rapids, Lepreau Falls and whatever else would be available dependent upon weather and tides. First things first though – breakfast and a game of shuffleboard and table tennis, followed by lunch on board.

A good number of us climbed on board a 28 seater coach for the afternoon and our guide, Lance Timmons, explained what we were going to see and we set off with high hopes. First stop Reversing Falls – unfortunately the tide was wrong for our stop. The water didn’t provide the spectacular effect as I have seen on on various images on the net, although the falls were still a good target for canoeists trying to get up them and being driven back by the force. We moved on to Lepreau falls but really there wasn’t enough water in to make anything like the kind of image I was hoping for and although there were viewing platforms, I couldn’t get to the foot of the busiest falls for a long exposure shot. Next stop Dipper Harbour, a sleepy place where there are is a fishing fleet. You can see how small it is by looking at the Harbour Authority building. Still, there were a few things to photograph and it was good to visit. The last place was a nearby beach but there was precious little there too. However, it was a day with camera in hand with like minded people and I enjoyed it. Lance kept us entertained.

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