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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

I took the opportunity to be chauffeured for the day with Wayne and Lynne, the soon to be Mrs Porter. We went for a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park – somewhere they go to on a regular basis but one to which I’ve never been before. One thing I noticed about the place was that they are working hard to add extra enclosures for a good range of animals and they seem to be large, comfortable enclosures, not keeping the animals cramped. I’d prefer to see them in the wild like we all would, but there is a good feel to the site. It was quite windy so a lot of dust kicking up but it didn’t stop the enjoyment. I’d notched up just under 7km by the time we got home so was ready for some vino collapso!

Here are a few of the images from the day.

Squirrel Monkeys
Painted Dog
Camel and mini camel

#Doncaster #Macaw #Painteddog #Leopard #Tiger #SquirrelMonkey #Marmoset #YorkshireWildlifePark #Camel


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