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Sue & I decided to have a short break as we have been unable to go cruising at the moment. We'd booked a short break pre-covid here and had to cancel it and it seemed like a good idea to try again.

We stayed at the Lister Arms in Malham and were very pleased with the whole deal really - unsurprisingly this place is always booked up.

First afternoon we got up as far as Janet's Foss which didn't have an awful lot of water in but did have a few daredevils jumping off the top of the waterfall - cue camera. I managed to get a couple of good bursts out of it with a large precentage sharp enough to use. We then continued up to Goredale scar where we encountered a couple rock-climbing - we stood for a few minutes and then took the reverse route back.

The following day after a gargantuan Yorkshire Breakfast we headed off into the rain in the car, up to Malham Tarn and had a look around. We had a short walk up to the Field Studies Centre but couldn't see a decent route round so backtracked. After lunch we decided to go to Scaleber Force but as it had been raining, the track down was very wet and as it is so steep and I'm not a mountain goat, we abandoned the idea and went to walk round the southern bit of Malham Tarn. Not great pics for the day!

Last day we went to Malham Cove and climbed all 400 steps. My assistant counted 412, I lost count. Nevertheless, a good workout and some decent pics of the limestone pavement at the top. We came back down to Goredale where some walkers told us that the route they normally took across Goredale Scar was shut owing to all the rain so we figured there may be more water in Janet's Foss and there was. A lovely little break which we'll do again sometime I hope.



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