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River Douro Cruise

We really enjoyed our Douro Cruise last year, but, because of technical issues I lost my images so we decided to go again for Sue's birthday.

Gatwick airport was absolutely horrendous and probably 100 deep trying to check in. There were 3 long haul flights going all at the same time and they just didn't have the staff or space to cope. We won't ever be travelling from Gatwick again.

Arrival in Porto was reasonably smooth after a delay in Gatwick. The ship was moored up in Gaia ready for us. The ports we stopped at had been altered slightly but we still got to see all the sights we went to last year. The flight back was delayed and as we had two single ladies with us in the transfer vehicle from Gatwick, we didn't arrive back home until 3am the next morning.

Never mind, here's a few images:-



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