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Wix Working to resolve a problem

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I recently changed my website across to Wix. My Photography Group currently use Wix and I have to say that when starting from scratch the results are brilliant. I transferred my website from Wordpress using the Wix transfer option and had a problem. Here is Wix's response which I think is fair play.

"Wix are investigating the issue of WordPress image import issues during blog post transfers, which was highlighted to us by Nigel.

There are limitations currently with how WordPress Blog Posts are imported over to Wix and in some cases, images and other content do not get transferred over in the process, so for now the only possible workaround is to manually add the images & any other missing content to your Wix Blog Posts. This article here covers these current limitations

Our developers work constantly to update features and create brand-new features based on our customers requests across all Wix Products, so some requests can take longer than others to become possible.

Our developers are aware of this limitation with WordPress images, and it's something they are working on, and apologise for the inconvenience of this limitation. But we are working to get this issue resolved as soon as humanly possible."



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